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Highland Games Stag Weekends Adrenaline Activity

Highland Games

Hoots mon! Fed up of the same old stag weekend activities? Try tossing the caber and whanging the welly for something completely different. Welcome to your very own Highland Games!

Surprisingly enough, you don't have to be in Scotland to take part. Our most popular Scottish destinations all offer the Highland Games, but you can also fling the log around in the UK. Wherever you choose to do it, we guarantee an afternoon of hilarious fun like you've never had before!

Best described as a sports day gone Gaelically crazy, a Highland Games afternoon is all about doing something new, rebuilding your stag team spirit after a night on the brews, and testing your strength in four brilliant traditional games. You'll be tossing the caber, throwing the hammer, whanging the welly and getting involved in a classic tug o war.

Caber tossing is way tougher than it looks. You'll need to keep your core strong if you're going to balance the pole long enough to get a decent throw. The more power you can get in your legs before lift-off, the farther you will chuck the stick.

Get some porridge down you, flex those muscles and give us your best shot!

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