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Body Sphering Activity for Stag Do, Stag Party and Stag Weekend

Body Sphering

Madder than a box of badgers, body sphering is one of our all time favourite stag weekend activities. It's like a cross between human pinball and a giant inflatable hamster wheel, and it rocks!

Picture the scene: a group of hungover chaps is feeling distinctly unimpressed with life. Too many beers, not enough sleep and the dodgy consolation of a big breakfast have left you all with one wish - to curl up and die, and wake up back in your bed at home.

Then you catch sight of your afternoon activity. Wait - what? Is that a guy rolling down a hill in a massive plastic ball? With water inside? That looks like fun...

The game's simple, the results instantaneously awesome. Climb inside your sphere, seal the door shut behind you, and start walking. As you crest the brow of the hill and gravity takes over, you'll be transformed instantly into a runaway comedy freight train!

Bounce, bobble and scream your way to the end of the course, headache forgotten and fun button well and truly pressed. No grumpy man-sulk can survive in the face of the hilarity that is body sphering!

Even the biggest diva in the group will be howling with laughter after just one go. We reckon 95 percent of you will leap out of the sphere with sparkling eyes and bushy tails, ready for another crack. The other 5 percent will be blowing chunks in a quiet corner, but hey. It's a stag weekend. Whatcha gonna do?

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