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Sumo Challenge Adrenaline Activity - Stag Weekends

Sumo Challenge

Hakkeyoi! Get in the ring with your best buds and blow off some stag party steam with this hilarious sumo wrestling challenge. Who can stay on his feet the longest, when confronted with the bride's dad dressed as a massive vinyl wrestler wearing a giant nappy?

Perfect for the stag party that wants to do something completely different on a Saturday afternoon, Sumo Challenge is all about behaving like big kids! It's a proper contest, refereed and scored - but mainly it's just crazy fun. Slap your inflatable knees, bang your squashy thighs and assume the position!

The art of sumo is in the psyching out. Eyeball your inflatable foe, make false starts from your wrestling line, and take plenty of time getting yourself into position. Once the clinch is made, you've only got one move to chuck your opponent clean out of the ring.

We'll split your stag party into teams, and pit warriors from each crew in thunderous head to head battles. Win points for your stable by dominating every bouncy challenger who comes your way. The quicker you dispose of them, the better!

Sumo Challenge is perfect if you want to rack up a few forfeits for the bar later. We'd recommend forcing the losers to take a shot for every throw, and the sweatiest feller at the end of the tournament has to down a beer. Drink responsibly, mind.

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