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Inflatable Madness Adrenaline Activity - Stag Weekends

Inflatable Madness

A stag party afternoon is all about fun. And you can't have much more fun than this! Forget the usual driving and shooting activities - if you're all about having a proper laugh, you need to get dressed up in crazy giant costumes and attack our inflatable challenges!

Think of it as a cross between all the silliest TV game shows you've ever seen. Half sports day, half Krypton Factor gone mental, an afternoon of Inflatable Madness is perfect for bonding the boys and keeping the stag party fun levels cranked up to 11.

Can you conquer the slippery slopes of an inflatable, foam covered mountain? Will you beat the bride's father to the prize when both of you are dressed as massive vinyl penguins?

Split the stag party into teams, come up with a bunch of daft names and get into the spirit of the competition. Our energetic MCs and event organisers will keep spirits high and the games flowing smoothly. At the end of your afternoon of challenges, the winning team will be crowned masters of Inflatable Madness - and every hangover in the place will be a dim and distant memory.

Perfect for the stag with a sense of humour, Inflatable Madness combines exercise, hilarity and good old fashioned silliness. Cameras out for unbeatable best man's speech photos!

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