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Redneck Games - Adrenaline Activity - Stag Weekends

Redneck Games

It's the Stag Olympics!

Actual comedy genius, the Redneck Games was made for stag parties. Get the stag in dungarees and trucker hat, split into two teams and battle it out in events that require zero sporting talent! Can your team smash the toilet seat throw? Have you got what it takes to nail beer can shooting? A true test of manliness, these games will separate the posh boys from the trailer trash!

The Redneck Games is a properly run event manned by marshals who can saw a tree stump in seconds and hump a beer barrel across the finish line in record time. Nominate your 'best' man for each event and then join forces for the grand finale - the traditional tug 'o war.

What better activity for the morning after the night before? No amazing physical feats, brain power or organisation necessary! Even the laziest stag in the party will be able to hurl a toilet seat a few feet. Have a laugh, get some priceless photos of the stag in fancy dress, and celebrate your win or drown your sorrows in traditional redneck style: with cheap pints at the nearest bar.

Get in training for the Redneck Games by not doing any exercise whatsoever, growing a hillbilly beard, wearing a white vest and drinking beer for breakfast.

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