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Jail Break Adrenaline Activity - Stag Weekends

Jail Break

It's your best mate's last weekend of freedom: the perfect time to bust him out of jail!

In exclusive stag weekend locations, our crack team of underground agents is preparing an escape route. Can you break out of some of the toughest jails on earth before the guards rumble your plans?

It's not as simple as just making a run for it when the guards aren't looking. This testing afternoon of high jinks and nailbiting tension is filled with puzzles, games and rewards.

Conquer the Crystal Maze style challenges to collect jailbreak keys, find maps and unlock the next teaser. You'll need to work together to overcome the obstacles between your group and freedom! Some puzzles require strength and skill to complete, while others are strictly for the brains behind the operation.

Taking place in real life prisons, our jail break challenges are atmospheric, tense and completely unique. Your escape begins with a Colditz-style briefing in the prison yard, before the inmates are led to their cells and locked in. Then the clock begins to tick...

We reckon you'll get the most out of your jail break if you split the boys into teams and compete against each other. For the full stag weekend experience, keep your score cards at the end of the jail break, and do drinks forfeits based on the number of keys each team managed to find!

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