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Power Kiting - Adrenaline Activity - Stag Weekends

Power Kiting

Remember going out on the hill with a kite when you were a kid? Well, if you're looking to inject some serious adrenaline into the Saturday afternoon of a stag weekend, we'd recommend doing it all over again. Only this time, you're swapping that little bit of plastic for a dirty great sail. Welcome to the mad, mad world of power kiting!

A big boy's sport for loonies, power kiting requires no craft to get you buzzed. Using just the pull of the kite, you'll be dragged along the ground, spun into the air and whipped around in massive circles. Go with the flow, and you'll soon be bounding across beach or field like an astronaut on the moon.

We'll supply everything you need to get started, including masterclasses and hands-on instruction from the experts. Learn to launch your kite, control it in the wind, and use it to propel you in the direction you want to go.

When you're used to the G force, you'll be able to "scud" - skid across the surface of the earth, the shoreline or the sand as though you're wearing jet-powered roller skates! Lean back and pull into the wind for massive air, and a roar of manly glee.

Power kiting is a genuinely unique stag weekend activity, available in selected locations only.

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This activity is available in the following destinations:

we are good to go, visit England
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