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Bungee Jump Activity for Stag Weekend, Stag Do and Stag Party

Bungee Jump

What can we say about a bungee jump that hasn't been better expressed by the stags who've already taken the leap? For absolutely pure pant-soiling brilliance, the classic death-defying activity is still the original and best.

If you want to make the stag weekend as memorable as possible, then strapping your best mate into a safety harness and throwing him off a bridge is the way to go. As he hurtles towards the water like a stone, his whole life will flash before his eyes. Then the rubber cord catches up with him and jerks him back up to safety, laughing like a maniac and wondering where he put his clean trousers!

There's simply nothing to touch a bungee jump - the only thing that tops it is skydiving, which is insanely expensive and only available in one or two stag weekend locations. For a more cost-effective way to make your bud think he's going to die, bungee's the way to go. Club together and keep the leap a secret until the last minute. The look on his face when he realises what's in store will be absolutely priceless.

The only question is - after you've made the stag do it, do you lot have the balls to follow him?

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This activity is available in the following destinations:

we are good to go, visit England
price match
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