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Shoot Out Activities for a Stag Do, Stag Party or Stag Weekend

Shoot Out Stag Do Activities

Experience The Thrill of Shoot Out for Your Stag Do

Yippee kay aye, mother f*cker! Crank your stag party up to 11 with a locked and loaded shooting activity. We've scoured the globe to find you the biggest guns, the craziest packages and the most impressive ranges across the UK and abroad. These trigger happy weekend activities really pack a punch!

Round up your men of mayhem and get busy with AK-47s, Remington pump action shotguns and .44 Magnums. Or make like Daniel Craig and take your targets out with single kill shots from a Walther PPK. We've even found an eastern European destination for you to unleash carnage with an actual machine gun. Package options depending on your stag party location, but you're always guaranteed to hit the mark!

Fancy shooting at a moving target? Clay pigeons it is, then. Or how about getting medieval and blowing up archery targets with exploding arrows? You name the weapon, we'll get your hands on it.

With expert tuition on tap throughout your stag party shoot, the boys will soon become proficient in the use of heavy artillery. Learn to absorb the recoil from a riot gun, perfectly aim a sniper rifle or do a John Rambo with crossbow in hand.

Ready to break 'em off some? Check out the ultimate pre-wedding stress busting ideas below!

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