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Motor Paintballing Activity for Stag Weekends

Motor Paintballing

Tired of running around in the woods with a paintball rifle? We've got the answer, chaps! We proudly present motor paintballing, the GTA generation's answer to stag party awesomeness.

Suit up, grab a full clip and pile into a banger for an exhilarating paintball session with a difference. While more traditional stag parties are rolling around in the mud, you'll be doing donuts in an urban-style battle arena. This is a full-on drive-by shooting, with one key difference: you don't just do it once and make your escape, you keep coming back for more!

Adding a whole extra dimension to the stag party favourite, motor paintballing will have you clinging onto the roof of your trusty rust-bucket as the groom's workmate tries to hold her steady through an action-movie skid. Loose off as many shots as you can at the opposition cars before you lose your target!

Part ultimate paintballing challenge and part insane driving day, motor paintballing is what you do on your stag party if you have nuts the size of watermelons. Put your foot to the floor, your finger on the trigger, and your life in the hands of a battle-crazed best bud. Amazing.

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This activity is available in the following destinations:

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