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Indoor Paintballing Activity for Stag Weekends

Indoor Paintballing

Pop a cap in your best bud without having to run around the local woodland! Indoor paintballing is a great city option for the stag party that doesn't want to mess around. Typically taking place in urban warfare environments designed by quality set builders, you get the same projectiles and the same fun: you just don't have to go very far to get into the war zone!

We've taken great care selecting our indoor paintballing centres. If we wouldn't want to play there ourselves, they don't make the grade. The result is a list of quality game stations with realistic play areas. You could be attacking a loading bay in the aftermath of a missile strike, overrunning a control centre in an enemy base or taking control of a silo.

It's common for indoor paintballing centres to have a futuristic or post-apocalyptic theme, so if Halo or Resident Evil are never off your Xbox you'll be in stag party heaven! Unlike outdoor centres, which tend to kit you out in camo gear or contemporary commando uniforms, our indoor options go in more for boiler suits and sci fi soldier gear.

Enjoy the metropolitan take on the number one shooting activity for stags, in some of our favourite city locations. Come get some!

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