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Bournemouth Archery

Now here's a sound a chap doesn't expect to hear on an archery afternoon: BOOOOM! That's because other archery lessons obviously don't pack as much of a punch as this Bournemouth special. Gentlemen, welcome to the Middle Ages, where men were men and arrows blew stuff up.

This is no ordinary stag party archery activity. Yes, you'll be using the classic English longbow - giving invading Gallic types a really bad day since 1066. And yes, you'll be aiming to hit the gold circle in the middle of a straw-backed disc, just like they did when Robin Hood was still terrorising the corrupt nobility as they wandered foolishly into the forest. But you'll also be punching the air and hollering like mentalists as the unique exploding targets do their thing!

There aren't many places you can do exploding archery on your stag party, but Bournemouth is one. Learn from master archers, keep your arrow straight and true, and crow with satisfaction when the specially treated paper fizzes into life on impact. It's like watching a Catherine wheel go off.

As your confidence increases and your accuracy improves, you'll be challenged to hit smaller targets at greater distances. Who's got outlaw in his blood - and who's just another wannabe hero?

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