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Laser Combat Activity for Stag Weekends

Laser Combat

Take paintball, remove the painful bits and you have laser combat. Ideal for a stag do, this fast 'n furious activity involves lightweight guns that fire harmless laser beams at the opposition. No paying for extra paintballs when you run out of ammo, or taking time out to reload at that crucial moment! Suit up, keep firing as you run, and make the other team look like a bunch of schoolgirls.

There are all sorts of games to play and scenarios to enjoy. Kick off with a simple game of attack and defend, and then bust out your inner badass with more exciting speed games and tactical missions. With the latest guns and no need for goggles or face masks, you'll have an absolute blast.

Picture the scene: you and your buddy have been hunted like wolves. You're outnumbered but never outgunned! Dive behind a bunker out of sight and then leap out at the enemy, take them off their guard and turn certain doom into glorious victory for your team.

The big man walks away without any bruises to spoil the wedding photos, and the whole group gets to enjoy awesome war games. Laser combat is a no-brainer for a stag do. Split the group into teams, pick suitably menacing team names and do the John Rambo thang.

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