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Paintballing and Lunch Activity for Stag Weekends

Paintballing and Lunch

Blowing multiple shades of colourful poo out of your mates can leave a chap feeling pretty peckish. Why wait to get back to the city for a refuelling session, when you can combine a decent plate of grub with a morning spent in the heat of paintballing battle?

In this ultimate stag vs stag activity, you'll spend some quality time blasting your buddies to kingdom come, then sit down to enjoy a slap-up meal on site. The paint will still be drying from the last game of the morning when you get your chops around a hot lunch. Then, depending on your package, it's either back to the fray or back to town to enjoy the next part of the stag do. Either way, it's a direct hit.

We love paintballing. It gives the boys a chance to air their frustrations, the groom gets to blast away his pre-wedding nerves, and everyone ends up feeling like Rambo. Add lunch, and you've done the double. Fight them, feed them and send them back to the city as comrades in arms!

You can combine maximum mayhem with a good hot meal in several of our stag do locations. Current paintball and lunch spots are listed below.

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