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Laser Clay Shooting Activity for Stag Weekends

Laser Clay Shooting

Want the buzz of clay pigeon shooting without the ear-splitting bang and recoil? Go laser clay shooting on your stag do. Far simpler and more enjoyable to handle than your traditional 12-bore shotgun, these modified guns emit harmless infrared beams instead of live ammo. Here's the best bit: you still get the same satisfying 'bang and crack!' when you hit a clay. All the benefits, no pain. Sweet.

The aim of the game remains the same: compete with your fellow stags to see who can hit the most clays.

Never been laser clay shooting before? No worries. Beginners are welcome, and old hands will enjoy the experience as well. Greenhorns will learn how to master basic clay shooting techniques. Qualified instructors will show you how to strike the right stance, discover which side you shoot from, and teach you how to handle guns safely. Find out how to line up your shot and hit a moving target. Keep your eyes on the prize, squeeze the trigger, and BLAM! Clay smashed.

Laser clay shooting is ideal for a stag do. No GBH of the eardrums or dislocated shoulders. Get your kicks, learn a fresh skill and whip up the old competitive spirit!

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