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Assassin Shooting

Sometimes, a standard rifle range just isn't hardcore enough! Take out your targets assassin style, with some of the most feared hardware in the business. From James Bond's own favourite sidearm to the Russian military's pistol of choice, you'll be handling and firing the lightest and deadliest of them all.

Assassins don't just use pistols, of course. So we're also kitting your stag party out with the tactical sniper rifles used by NATO forces. The Tikka is a singleminded killing machine, which fires full calibre projectiles with astonishing accuracy. The 20 inch barrel can take rounds between .223 and .308, and once you've got your eye in, the target results are terrifying!

This is not a stag party activity you can do in the UK, where getting your hands on this kind of mayhem would either put you in the SAS or in jail. If you're heading off on a stag to one of our European destinations, however, you could have the opportunity to lock and load with the big boys!

Perfect for chaps who want to know what Call of Duty really feels like, Assassin Shooting will sort the Jason Bournes from the Jason Segels! Have you got the ice cold concentration necessary to wield a Walther P22 and make it count?

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