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Machine Gun Shooting Activity for Stag Weekends

Machine Gun Shooting

Great balls of steel! It's machine gun shooting! Probably the manliest activity in the universe, this is guaranteed to send the testosterone into orbit. It's not every day a chap gets the chance to really let rip with a bunch of semi-automatic shooters. Round up the troops and see who's got the icy cool, control and skills needed to hit targets with super powerful machine guns. These bad boys will blow your mind! Feel the adrenaline blast through your body as you grab your weapon of choice and pump the target with holes.

This machine gun shooting taster gives stag parties an excellent introduction to the world of semi and automatic firearms. You'll probably recognise some from cop shows and famous films. Ever wondered what it's like to be John McClane or Jason Bourne? Well, now's your chance to find out!

Professional, qualified instructors will give you a thorough safety briefing and show you how to handle, load and fire machine guns safely and with confidence.

As this is a stag do, you'll get a chance to enjoy a little competitive machine gun shooting. Keep a tally of who's hit what and find out which man is the group's John Rambo!

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This activity is available in the following destinations:

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