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Archery Activity for Stag Weekends


Attention, warrior stags! If you're more Jon Snow than John Rambo, an afternoon among the arrows is just the thing for you. Shed your 21st century self for a couple of hours, as you take up the lethal longbow and aim for the heart of the target.

We'll take your stag party to a purpose built archery centre just a short distance out of the city. Friendly, experienced instructors will teach you the basics of bow safety and control, before letting you loose on the field.

Hold your draw, control your breathing and let fly for a deadly victory. The stag who learns to adjust his aim for wind direction is the stag who hits the gold roundel!

Your instructors will gauge the skill levels of the stag party, and give you helpful tips to get more from your shooting. By the end of the afternoon, every man among you will be good enough to guard Winterfell against the coming of the White Walkers. All together now - I am the Watcher on the Walls...

The perfect counterpoint to all that drinking and dancing, archery's got the essential stag ingredient: it's something you genuinely don't get the chance to do every day. So go do it!

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