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KGB Shooting Activity for Stag Weekends

KGB Shooting

There are shooting stag parties, and there are KGB shooting stag parties! Far more sexy and exciting than you bog standard clay pigeon session, this is your chance to make like a James Bond baddie and blast away with iconic shooters used by the notoriously secretive Soviet security agency. These bad boys have featured in numerous spy movies and action flicks. Switch off the telly and experience their raw power for yourself!

Get yer mitts on pistols like the legendary Makarov, assault rifles, and of course, Kalashnikovs! Experience an adrenaline rush that'll literally blow you away, and get your marksmanship skills up to snuff with guys who really know their shizzle.

Speaking of which, even the sharpest sniper needs to learn the basics. KGB shooting starts with a safety briefing so no one gets trigger happy and accidentally sends the groom to A&E! Experienced, professional instructors will kit you all out with the necessary safety gear and show you how to handle, hold and load a selection of different guns. After a demo, each stag steps up to the mark and enjoy a little target practice. Who will bag the coveted top spot on the leaderboard and be declared KGB shooting king?

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