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Airsoft Activity for Stag Weekends


Airsoft is the thinking stag's answer to paintball! No glass coated projectiles means no sore nuts on the wedding night. Suit up, jack a round into the chamber and assume the Commando crawling position. It's time to unleash non-bruising hell.

An Airsoft rifle has considerable range, speed and accuracy, but the bullet doesn't explode and there are no pain-inducing metallic coatings to worry about. Other than that, the game is the same as paintball: divide into teams and shoot the heck out of everything that moves!

Your stag party will be equipped with the latest weaponry - triple-setting Airsoft rifles, which can handle single killshots, short-burst rapid fire rounds and fully automatic room-clearers. Attack and defend in a packed afternoon of military games including Hunt the Stag, Take the Fortress and Hostage Rescue.

Our Airsoft stag party games take place in realistic sets and real-world environments. Dive behind piles of tyres for cover, scramble through woodlands, and use natural and man-made trenches to conceal your approach from the enemy.

Put alliances to one side for the afternoon, and channel your inner John Rambo. It's hell out there, soldier, and only the brave survive. Do you have what it takes?

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