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Crossbows Activity for Stag Weekends


Arrrrrgh! Seriously, chaps, there's only one way to start an afternoon fooling about with crossbows, and that's to scream like a barbarian and beat your chest. Wearing the skins of dead animals is also OK, as is swearing fealty to a House from Game of Thrones or drinking the blood of your dead enemies from tankards made of human skulls. Well, maybe not the last one...

Crossbow shooting is the ultimate badass stag party activity. It's an incredible combination of accuracy, skill and nuts-out barbarism - just what you need for day two of your weekend away!

Learn to load, aim and fire the most dangerous weapon in history, under the watchful eye of proper crossbow experts. These guys have taken down more targets than Robin Hood. You'll be instructed in bow safety, given demonstrations on drawing a bead and letting the bolt fly - then it's time to take up your weapons for a stag party shootout like no other!

Depending on your location, you could get the whole of the place to yourselves for the duration of the competition. Most of our crossbow shooting activities also finish up with a celebratory pint in a local hostelry. Medieval tankards are optional, but hey, when you've been knocking stuff down with crossbow bolts all day, what else are you going to drink from?

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