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Special Ops Paintball Activity for Stag Weekends

Special Ops Paintballing

There's paintball, and then there's special ops paintball! This is the session for the elite stag party that wants Call of Duty-style action. Speed games and stealth missions are the order of the day. We've found a fantastic arena with themed zones for you to do battle in. This is urban warfare at its finest. Suit up, lock 'n load, and take down the opposition with extreme prejudice.

This place is the tits! It's got the latest rapid-fire paintball markers, special camouflage gear, and quality safety masks and goggles. Get gear and weapons in the kit room, and then head off for a briefing before the ultimate battle begins.

Special ops paintball is a bit like being in the middle of an epic war blockbuster. Your crew is deep in the heart of enemy territory on a mission that's crucial to the safety of national security. Victory is the only option!

Creep between bunkers and blown-out cars, dive behind oil drums and take cover behind tyres before surprising the enemy with Batman-style theatricality and deception! They won't know what's hit 'em when you surround them and let rip with a torrent of paintballs that'd give Predator pause for thought.

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