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Air Rifle Shooting Activity for Stag Weekends

Air Rifle Shooting

BB guns just grew up! These air rifles aren't the piddly little things you see kids firing at Coke cans, but competition standard mean machines. The only difference between one of these bad boys and the real deal is there's no noise, and you won't lose a foot if you accidentally shoot the floor. Good news for hungover grooms, then.

Pick this activity to master the finer shooting arts on your stag weekend. With less weight and recoil than a standard rifle, an air model requires skill and finesse if you're going to hit the target. Competition rifles work with a break barrel setup, just like a shotgun, and fire .177 calibre balls with a significant amount of power.

The staff at the shooting range are very stag friendly, and bring plenty of energy to the occasion. They'll have even the most jaded gent up and shooting in no time, and once you've got your eye in they can offer tons of hints on fine tuning your efforts. Go from pot-shots to deadly bullseyes in just a few rounds, and you'll spend the rest of the afternoon quoting Dirty Harry. Do ya feel lucky, punk? Well, do ya?

Get your stag weekend out doing something manly, with no noise and no horrible kickback. Now that's what we call a perfect shot!

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This activity is available in the following destinations:

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