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Shooting Range Activity for Stag Weekends

Shooting Range

Blow off steam and unleash your inner MI6 agent at the shooting range. When it comes to badass activities for a stag do, you'd have to go a long way to beat blowing a target sheet full of holes at the gun range. Learn how to handle and fire a selection of guns under the watchful eye of qualified firearms instructors who really know their stuff.

Learn the basics of shooting, master techniques and get invaluable tips on how to send your kill rate through the roof. Handle a range of different firearms and get the adrenaline pumping big time.

You can't have a stag do without a little competition. Once you're all up to speed on the safety aspects and are feeling confident, the instructors will bring out the targets and invite you to blow 'em away!

Shooting requires a keen eye and a steady hand. Turn up smelling like a brewery and you'll be on the bench. This is a rare chance to experience the kind of shooting you only see in action blockbusters and classic cop shows so make sure the whole crew has recovered from the stag night blowout before you show up at the shooting range.

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