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Old School Sports Day Activity for Stag Weekends

Old School Sports Day

Smash the egg and spoon race one more time!

If you need a fun stag activity for a bunch of really big kids, Old School Sports Day is a good one. This will take you right back to your primary school days, when orange squash came in little plastic cups, no parents owned smartphones, and winning the sack race made you feel like a little legend. We'll book the venue, sort an event coordinator and supply all the hula hoops and beanbags for the races. Get the stag in headband, vest, shorts and pumps, come along and have a laugh.

Available nationwide, this is a team event with a whiff of Harry Potter about it. You compete in houses. Each house competes in events to win points. The house with the most points at the end wins the event. There will be prizes. Maybe a wooden spoon. What will you be holding when the final whistle blows and the scores are in?

This is a proper, professionally run event that's ideal if you want a stag activity that's competitive but funny. As you compete in houses, it's literally begging for stag party fancy dress. Run with the school theme and have nerds and geeks, emo kids and goths, sporty kids, and skaters. The photos will be pretty special and no doubt there'll be a few opportunities to gang up on the stag and embarrass him. Standard.

If all that sounds like your idea of a top stag activity, put your names down and we'll sort it for you.

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This activity is available in the following destinations:

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