Derby Old School Sports Day

Go back and do it all again

Take a trip down memory lane with Derby Old School Sports Day. Remember all those events you used to love as a kid? Hoop races and bouncing around on hoppers? Well, we took a bunch of that stuff and reloaded sports day. Now adults can get back out there and go for glory again. This is a properly run activity that's an hour long and full of all those brilliant races you did at primary school. You don't have to bring anything but shorts and trainers. Your event coordinator will sort the rest and keep score.

May the best house win!

Derby Old School Sports Day is about team spirit rather than solo glory. It's a big house (team) event. Compete to win points in each race. The house that scores the most points wins the day and gets to rub the other teams noses in it of course. Obviously winning is awesome but even the team with the lowest score will have a blast balancing eggs on dessert spoons and blundering around in big-ass sacks. It's silly fun at its finest.

Forget about being responsible adults with jobs and stuff for an hour and just focus on winning a bunch of wacky races. Then it's off to the boozer for post-sport beer. Winner.

In a nutshell:

  • Retro-style sports day
  • Beanbags, sack races and hoppers
  • Competitive school event with house teams
  • Bibs and sweatbands for your teams
  • Held at a conveniently located venue
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