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Glasgow Old School Sports Day

Silly walks and space hoppers

It literally doesn't get any more old school wriggling out of hula hoops and doing daft walks with eggs and spoons. If you're planning a stag and want a little nostalgia in there, Glasgow Old School Sports Day is the way forward. Yeah, you could do the whole tug 'o war and welly wanging thing but that would be way too predictable. This is nice and familiar yet different from your usual stag activities.

A classic that'll take you right back... the years when your biggest worries revolved around running faster than everyone else, getting the prettiest girl in class to fancy you, and whether or not you'd be having chips for tea. If your bro is a nostalgic kind of guy and likes reminiscing on the good times you all had as kids, he'll love Glasgow Old School Sports Day.

This is an event that's competitive but friendly rather than fierce. You can't get too serious about the egg and spoon! Play to win but keep it strictly daft and fun. Get your best mates on your team, send beanbags whizzing through the air and try not to faceplant in the sack race. Or be as silly as you possibly can because there isn't anything that tickles your funny bone quite like big kid shenanigans.

When you're done, retire to the nearest Glasgow chippy for Tizer, black pudding and haggis bites. When in Scotland!

In a nutshell:

  • Sports day-style races and events for big lads
  • Compete as houses for the most points
  • House gear provided
  • Equipment set up
  • Coordinator to run the activities
  • Venue convenient for central Glasgow
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