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Cardiff Old School Sports Day

The ultimate nostalgia trip

Nothing takes you back to the glory days quite like the sack race! Cardiff Old School Sports Day is a proper nostalgia-fest. If you want to stop being grown-ups for an hour, bopping around on space hoppers and wobbling about with eggs and spoons should do the trick. The group will be split into houses (teams), the instructor will explain everything, and then it's game on. The aim is simply to get more points than the other teams.

Flying beanbags and bouncing space hoppers

We've ransacked the P.E. cupboard and busted out the beanbags, hoops and all that other stuff you used to run around with when you were knee high to a grasshopper. As you do this in houses, you'll all be in the zone and on the same team by the time the eggs and spoons come out. It's the perfect way to get old and new mates fully involved in the stag do.

At 60 minutes long, Cardiff Old School Sports Day is exactly the right length. It's loads of fun and won't seriously cut into your drinking time. Obviously you can't bring a secret stash of beer along (sorry!) but as you're now all over the legal drinking age you don't have to make do with soft drinks in paper cups at the end. Cardiff is heaving with pubs. Get yourselves off to Mermaid Quay afterwards and do some afternoon drinking by Cardiff Bay.

In a nutshell:

  • 1-hour event
  • Created and run by an experienced events team
  • Races you remember from your old school sports days
  • Venue hire and equipment included
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