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Liverpool Old School Sports Day

Get your old school shorts and tie out!

We're off to Merseyside for Liverpool Old School Sports Day. A stag do is a nostalgic event. It's the day or weekend you get old and new friends together for banter, beer and silly stuff. If you want a funny activity that anyone can do and everyone will get into, this is the one. Not to be taken seriously in any way, shape or form, this is basically an opportunity to re-run all the races you did at primary school. Rewind and go for it all over again.

There will be beanbags

Hula hoops too. Cones dotted around. Space hoppers rolling about. You remember the drill, right? Only now you've all grown into big boys your parents won't be standing on the sidelines embarrassing you. Your event coordinator will be on hand to arrange the races and keep you in some sort of order. Kind of! It's kids stuff: get into house teams and go up against the others in events that will make you howl laughing. What's not to love?

Liverpool Old School Sports Day is one of those things that sticks in the mind. You're not going to forget the day you went to the Beatles' backyard and raced each other in sacks and on space hoppers. If that sounds hella good, give us your numbers and we'll make it happen.

In a nutshell:

  • Friendly event inspired by school sports day
  • Race as school houses for points
  • Hula hoops, cones, beanbags and more P.E. cupboard equipment
  • City sports venue
  • Event coordinator runs it
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