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London Old School Sports Day

Old School Sports Day is like a mini stag Olympics. You can sort of do it on a hangover and it doesn't really matter if you haven't seen the inside of a gym for months because there's a sit-down event: the space hopper bounce. If you are buff and can run 5k without dying, you'll be the star of the 100m dash. Everyone's happy. If you're looking around for nostalgic London stag do ideas that let you relive your childhood for an afternoon, this is a no brainer.

When you get to the venue, the events team will split you into 'houses' (Harry Potter speak for teams) and get the games started. This is proper old school stuff with all those games and races you did just before you broke up for the summer holidays. Bounce, run, hop, jump and wobble.

Doing all this stuff yourself is well funny but not as funny as watching everyone else do it! Some lad is bound to subconsciously stick his tongue out during the egg and spoon, which is always good for a laugh. And at least one person will go 'splat' in spectacular style in the middle of the sack race. Wear kit with a pocket so you can stash your smartphone. It would be rude not to take photos.

Standard London stag weekend stuff is all very well and good - you've got to do a curry on Brick Lane and Soho is pretty much a given - but if you want something different, you've got to get creative with your choices. An event like this will ensure your bro's sendoff stands out from the herd.

In a nutshell:

  • Primary school sports day for stag parties
  • Reserved pitch/sports hall or court
  • Run by professional events staff
  • Competitive team events and games
  • Informal and fun atmosphere
  • Space hoppers and all other games equipment is included
  • Winners get prizes
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