Newquay Old School Sports Day

Leave surfing to the beach bums and smash the sack race!

How's this for a plan: round up the boys and get yourselves off down to Cornwall party central for sun, sea, sand, beer and old school shenanigans? If that sounds like the best idea you've heard in months, give us the nod and we'll sort you out. The activity is Newquay Old School Sports Day and it's unbeatable for banter, fails, funnies, bonding and team spirit. All essential ingredients for a stag weekend.

"School's out forever" - Alice Cooper

It might be years since you ditched the blazer or given anyone a peanut tie but that doesn't mean you can't revisit your salad days now and then. That's what this is all about: taking a trip back in time and enjoying the good stuff again before you do something really grown up and responsible. Like getting married!

The really great thing about Newquay Old School Sports Day is that there's an event for everyone. The fast kids always went all-out in the sprint. The jokers loved the sack race. And then there was the egg and spoon, the race for kids who were no good at games. Ironically also the one that ended up being the best-loved school sports event of all time.

If that sounds like a laugh, tell us who's coming to Newquay and when. We'll get it sorted so you don't need to.

In a nutshell:

  • Fun, informal event with sport day-style races
  • Pitch hire and gear is included
  • Activity is around 1 hour in length
  • Event manager on site to organise teams and races

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