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Manchester Old School Sports Day

Planning a Manchester stag? If you're looking for fun stuff to do, Old School Sports Day is a winner. Before you hit the Bierkeller or do the Northern Quarter, get yourselves off to a sports hall and smash a bunch of races you remember from primary school. The event coordinator guys will bust out the classics and bring out a space hopper because hey, who doesn't love those? This is a team event, which is perfect as it'll break the ice and get everyone bonding before you go on the actual stag night.

Teams - or houses because this is a school-themed event and Harry Potter is massive - compete in a series of events that turn grown men into big kids. What was your race when you were 10? 100m run? Egg and spoon? Sack race? Cast your mind back to the years you wore short trousers and loved your Spider Man pants. Those were the days! Get in the zone, take your position at the start line and give it your best shot just like you did when you were a kid.

Laugh at your mates getting tangled up in comically small hula hoops. Really concentrate on keeping that egg on the spoon. Someone's bound to stack it in the sack race, and few things are funnier than grown men racing space hoppers. Add team strip or fancy dress to the mix and you've got comedy and nostalgia in one awesome event that's perfect for a Manchester stag weekend. And if you do need ideas, Madchester is always a good one. All you need is Oasis face masks, ridiculously baggy jeans, bucket hats and hoodies at least two sizes too big.

In a nutshell:

  • Old School Sports Day in Manchester
  • Team activity with races from your primary school years
  • Egg and spoon, sack race and loads more
  • Prizes for first place
  • All equipment
  • Venue rental
  • Event organisers
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