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Essex Old School Sports Day

Which house will be No.1 when the whistle goes?

You definitely don't want to be taking stuff seriously on a stag do. Essex Old School Sports Day is anything but! Nothing makes you grin quite like racing space hoppers or lobbing those beanbags you used to get in primary school. If you're up for silliness on Saturday afternoon, dig your shorts and trainers out - fancy dress is ok too - and get across to a city centre venue for a load of retro jumping and running races you used to love as children.

Essex Old School Sports Day is about as nostalgic as you can get

This is the grown-up version of the biggest day of the school year. Not much has changed. That's kind of the point. The cones will be out and the space hoppers will be lined up waiting to be bounced on. Once the coordinators have organised you into house teams, you'll take it in turns to run, hop, jump and wobble your way to a big win. It's simple: get as many points for your team as you possibly can. The house with the highest number on their scorecard at the end is victorious.

As the event lasts an hour and is held at a super convenient sports venue, you won't end up spending all day on your stag do activity. Go in, smash it, and then go off for beer. Or champagne if you're in Brentwood and want to fit in.

In a nutshell:

  • Sports day for big boys
  • Event duration is 1 hour
  • Sack race, egg and spoon, space hoppers and more
  • Venue is conveniently located
  • Houses compete to win points
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