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Stags dressed in yellow and green bounce to the finish on space hoppers. Discover the Lincoln Old School Sports Day stag party experience:

Lincoln Old School Sports Day

Go for it on your stag do in Lincoln!

If you can't let your inner child out to play on your final fling before the ring, when can you? Get the lads together and take a trip down memory lane, all the way back to your primary school days with the ultimate activity. We're talking about the Lincoln Old School Sports Day. If you want a bit of light-hearted fun when you wave goodbye to the single life, this activity is the way forward. So go on, gather up the guys, bond over hilarious antics and send the stag off in the right way.

This is the kind of event which will bring the lads together. Everyone from your workmates, uni friends and family members will be laughing and competing for points. If you loved school sports day, you'll love this! Get ready to pump up the stag party spirit in double quick style!

Bring comedy gold to your Lincoln stag party...

Get the lads down to the activity site, split yourselves into houses and get ready to unleash your former self. You'll be met at the gym or pitch by a brilliant event coordinator which will keep score, make sure everyone's hyped throughout the event and hand out all the necessary equipment. You can go classic with some team strip or go extra with hilarious fancy dress for the occasion. Once the rules are thrown down, pull up your big boy pants, we're going in!

There will be a range of games during the event, ranging from space hoppers, three-legged race, sack race and the egg and spoon race. If you've been looking for an activity that'd get the blood pumping, clear away the cobwebs, do some stress busting and make the stag for get all about those pre-wedding jitters, sign up for a day to remember!

In a nutshell:

  • Lincoln Old School Sports Day
  • Retro primary school games
  • Event coordinator
  • City centre venue
  • Space hoppers, egg & spoon and more
  • Equipment & venue hire included
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