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Leeds Old School Sports Day

Spend the Saturday afternoon of your stag party jumping around like overgrown schoolboys. Leeds Old School Sports Day has all the ingredients of a classic activity: it's really silly, funny, and competitive but not in a ridiculously over the top way. What could be better than a whole hour of fooling around doing a bunch of events and races everyone knows from their primary days? Exactly. Epic tomfoolery is on the cards as you separate into school house teams (Harry Potter eat your heart out) and get your competition on.

"Ring the old school bell" - Hip Hop Hooray

This event is all about nostalgia. That's why the guys who designed and run it have kept most things the same. Obviously you lot are much bigger boys now but you're never too big to step in and out of a hula hoop. Or jump around in a sack race. It's a lot of fun and will make you forget wedding jitters and work stress for 60 marvellous minutes.

The antics will be priceless! You've got to have a few falls and fails on a stag party. You'll get a whole bunch of golden comedy moments out of Leeds Old School Sports Day. There's usually a mix of old and new mates on a lads' weekend. Do something daft like this and they'll all be nicely bonded and trading banter in minutes.

In a nutshell:

  • Classic events you'll recall from sports day
  • Run as a 1-hour team event
  • Professional coordinator
  • Equipment
  • All the gear
  • City centre venue
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