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Bristol Old School Sports Day

A Bristol stag do means cider. The SS Great Britain. A Park Street pub crawl. More cider. If you want more than just a standard pissup to make the weekend sound damn good rather than just plain messy, check out Old School Sports Day. This is just what you think; a load of races you remember from primary years. Take a trip down memory lane, and get competitive but in a fun way. Bounce on space hoppers, jump through hoops and leg it to the finish line for points and prizes. The group will be put into teams and the team with the most points at the end wins the day.

Old School Sports Day has something for everyone. The really competitive types will get a kick out of the 100m race. Jokers always go for the sack race, and anyone who's a bit crap at P.E. will be ok with the egg and spoon.

It's all in the name of fun. You can't take yourself seriously when you're bopping about on a hopper or stuck in a hula hoop. That's what makes this so good for an event like a Bristol stag. It's a great way to break the ice before you all get on the beers, and if the stag's future father in-law is coming he gets to see 'dad' looking ridiculous.

Feel free to do team strip or fancy dress. You're in the South West, which means it would be rude not to turn up in full-on farmer costume. Wellies, braces, daft hats and red neckerchiefs have to be done.

In a nutshell:

  • All the races you remember from school sports day
  • Team competition format
  • All the apparatus is supplied
  • Event instructors
  • First place prizes
  • Pitch hire is included
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