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Bath Old School Sports Day

Take it back to the early days with your stag party in Bath!

The groom's about to take the leap into married life, a big step in 'adulting', the perfect way to get him ready is an afternoon of unleashing your inner child at the Bath Old School Sports Day experience. If you can't act like a bunch of big kids on your stag weekend then when can you? If you've been looking for an activity that'll bond your stag party and entertain everyone involved at the same time, look no further!

Old school sports days are just like sports day back when you were in infant school, complete with all your favourite retro games. Blow off some steam as you go head to head with your mates in a battle to the finish. Each game will see your team scoring points for your 'house' and at the end, the 'house' with the most points is the winner. It's that easy. Keep the lads out of the bars for an afternoon, and out of trouble before the sun goes down, it's a win, win situation.

Blow away the competition on a Bath stag do...

It's time to settle old scores! Give us a nod and we'll take care of arranging pitch hire, equipment and a friendly event coordinator to run all your afternoon shenanigans. On the day, you'll head to an indoor venue in the city centre where you'll be met by our staff. Get sorted into your houses, do the team strip thing and get ready for an afternoon that'll leave you laughing 'til the sun comes up.

Throughout the experience, you'll participate in events, like the egg and spoon race, space hoppers, sack race and a ton of other events from way, way back in the day. Do your best; your house is counting on you! When it's time to leave, your party spirit will be pumping and the lads will be ready to rock the bars, pubs and clubs of this UNESCO World Heritage City.

In a nutshell:

  • Bath Old School Sports Day
  • City centre venue hire
  • Compete in teams
  • Space hoppers, egg & spoon race, sack race & more
  • Event coordinator
  • All equipment provided
  • Ask your stag party planner for further details
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