Top Three Stag Do Theme Ideas

People are always asking me for lists of my favourite stag do theme ideas. So here are my top three. Like any good list, it's got a few rules. The theme has to be one that anyone can do. It doesn't have to include fancy dress. And it's got to get laughs, not hard stares from the locals and a big fat'not tonight, lads' from the bouncers at the club. Or, if it doesn't raise a giggle, then it's got to be awesome, plain and simple.

Eh? No fancy dress? Not quite. I just said it didn't have to include fancy dress. Because not all good stag do theme ideas involve painting yourself blue and calling yourself Papa Smurf. In fact, none of them do. It's been done, fellers. Move on.

Action Hero

I freaking love action activities. You know, the kind of thing where you get to drive a tank or take part in an all-night commando training session. This is what I'd call the daddy of alternative stag do theme ideas - something that gets the boys way past their comfort zone and brings them back changed men. Whether you're eating bugs in the field with Ray Mears, or caving deep in the bowels of the earth, the Action Hero theme will put a whole new perspective on your stag do.

Top activities: Assault Course, Coasteering, Raft Building


These days, you don't have to stick to go karting to get your kicks. Try stunt driving for a motor-head stag do theme that really puts the pedal to the metal. Or you could attend a track day. Or take a bunch of Trabants out on a rally. Go further afield, and your motorised options are practically endless.

I heard about a stag do that took a fleet of supercars out of Cancun on the jungle highway, and ended up driving them into an ancient Mayan city. How's that for an epic centrepiece? Forget clubbing on beaches, dudes. You can do that in Brighton. No, if you really want to make the most of Mexico you do it in a Ferrari.

Top activities: Road Trip, Demolition Derby, Rally Driving


OK, so this one's got a bit of a fancy dress element to it. See? Told you there'd be some eventually. Dress the chaps up like characters from Game of Thrones or Thor and spend the day chucking axes around in a wood. You can do all sorts of ancient sports these days, from jousting to archery. And when hunger strikes, nothing satisfies more than a massive medieval feast. Especially when you're dressed in bear skins and waving a sword around. All hail to Ragnar, King of the Vikings!

Top activities: Games of Stags, Warrior, Medieval Banquet

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Date Posted: Friday 20th November 2015

Author: Jim Alexander

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