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Road Trip Activity for Stag Weekends

Road Trip

Road trip, baby! Nothing says "last weekend of freedom" like hitting the open road with the boys. And when you're doing it in some of the most impressive machines known to stag, well, that's just the kind of bonus you deserve for being awesome.

We utterly love the stag weekend road trip. Actual cars vary from destination to destination, but we can guarantee some supreme rides wherever you go! If your best buddy feels the need for speed, he's going to go crazy when he finds out what you're doing with your Saturday afternoon...

With classic routes picked by driving-mad locals, your road trip is more than just a tool round country lanes. Power down some of the greatest roads on earth, in charge of vehicles you'd normally have to sell your mum's house to afford!

We've carefully selected destinations where the combination of scenery and road quality makes every big straight and sweeping bend an absolute joy. You'll see your stag weekend destination as few tourists can.

Plenty of stopping opportunities are factored into the road trip, too, so you can take smug snaps of the boys, their cars and the views. You can also swap vehicles amongst yourselves so everyone gets a go in the top rides. Amazing.

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This activity is available in the following destinations:

we are good to go, visit England
price match
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