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Medieval Banquet Experience for Stag Weekends

Medieval Banquet

Fancy something different for dinner? If you've had enough of burgers and Yankee style sides, why not go back in time for a stag weekend meal that's got everything a young squire could want?

In appropriately medieval locations, we've rounded up the most authentic theme restaurants for a banquet that just cries out for fancy dress. The staff are all done up in their best knightly togs, so you'll feel a bit out of place if you turn up wearing Vans and casual jackets!

The menu's as authentic as the atmosphere. Expect tons of game, hearty stews and flagons of mead. Oh, and waitresses whose costumes are perfectly revealing. If a buxom serving wench is your idea of the perfect dessert, you've got nothing to worry about.

For stags fed up of the same old same old, a medieval banquet is guaranteed to get the thumbs-up. Get the boys to bring their best livery, take a costume along for the groom and surprise him on the fly, with a genuine journey back to the days when men were men and chicks wore leather waistcoats.

Bang your flagons on the table and spear pheasants with a dagger. It's banqueting time!

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