Demolition Derby Activity for Stag Weekends

Demolition Derby

Sometimes, a chap needs a stag weekend driving activity with a bit more punch. We think we've found the answer! This isn't your average thrash-around-a-track-until-you-win stag challenge. This is war. With cars.

There are probably no other stag activities in the world that let you do something this wild for such a reasonable price. Take part in a real live demolition derby, ruin some vehicles and go back to your stag weekend city of choice feeling like a million bucks!

The rules are simple. After a short safety briefing and the donning of the obligatory protective gear, your team of petrol heads is presented with a selection of clunkers on their last wheels. Strap in, turn on those engines and prepare to crash, crunch and shunt each other into oblivion.

There's simply nothing like crashing a car deliberately. At first, you'll be tempted to slam on the brakes, take evasive action, or curl up into a little ball and whimper for your mummy. After a couple of hits, though, you'll be going into each head on collision with the full Mad Max crazy yell!

The boys take it in turns to drive and watch, which adds to the excitement. So what's it to be, chaps? Are you Fast and Furious - or Driving Miss Daisy?

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