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Stunt Driving Activity for Stag Weekends

Stunt Driving

Yes chaps, you did read that right. If you always wanted to drive like they do in the movies, now's your chance!

You'll be learning to throw a high-powered stunt car around like a true professional, pulling off parallel handbrake parking, wheelspins and handbrake turns. You'll even learn to throw your mean machine into a proper power slide!

This is one of those stag weekend activities that sets the bar for everything else. A team of first rate instructors, who have actually driven on the silver screen, will show the boys the ropes at the start of the session. Watch in awe as guys and girls from the top divisions of the stunt driving world put on a rubber-burning show, then get behind the wheel for a primo lesson in driving like a legend.

You're not driving any old banger, either. For proper stunts, you need proper power. Hot hatches and big-name sports cars are on the menu. Use the power wisely, and you'll be hurling your car around like Vin Diesel. Vroom!

Stunt driving is available in selected stag weekend spots. Places book up quick, so put your foot down!

Take a look at our current stunt driving destinations below.

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This activity is available in the following destinations:

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