Brighton Archery

Mix it up on your Brighton stag weekend! By night, you'll be treated to the latest and funkiest club music in Britain. But daytime is all about the old school. And we mean old. Head back in time, for a historic afternoon activity that really hits the bullseye.

Yup, we're talking archery here chaps. Deadly steel-tipped projectiles designed to do untold damage to the insides of an enemy warrior. You're getting let loose on a shooting field just an arrow's trajectory from central Brighton, in a magnificent country retreat. Are you ready to find your inner barbarian?

Archery takes a lot of skill and concentration, making it a brilliant sport for the second day of a stag weekend. Years of experience have shown us that nothing cures a hangover quicker than the combination of fresh air and tricky aiming! Smooth out the fletch of your arrow, nock it on the bowstring, and let it fly.

Because it's such a specialist activity, archery delivers big on the satisfaction front. Forget all those stag weekend sports that take a couple of minutes to master. When everything falls into place on the archery field, and your quarrel finally hits home, you'll go crazy with delight. OTT celebrations are absolutely encouraged. Just don't stab yourself in the eye with the end of your bow, while you're trying to do a Premiership-style cartwheel.

In a nutshell:

  • Briefing and instruction
  • All equipment
  • Archery competition

Packages That Include This Activity:

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