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Prague Archery

Get competitive with a spot of archery, and find out which members of your stag party have what it takes to survive in a medieval environment! Will you fire your arrow straight and true, or will your shots fall wide of the mark?

Set up as a proper tournament, this classic activity is the perfect combination of skill and exhilaration. And at just 15 minutes from the centre of Prague, you'll be pitting your wits against the chaps in no time.

Archery is a physical sport, too, making enough demands on the muscles to get hearts pumping last night's beer out of your system!

Your archery experience starts with a training session, hosted by expert tutors. Every chap in the stag party gets one on one assistance. You'll be taught how to string the arrow, draw the bowstring taut, and release your quarrel without altering its flight path.

Archery isn't as easy as Robin Hood made it look! Doesn't matter whether you're channelling Russell Crowe or Kevin Costner, we reckon you'll have your work cut out scoring bullseyes like the Hooded Man. Fortunately, you've got plenty of time to practice before we let you loose on the tournament range!

The competitive section of your archery afternoon lasts for half an hour. Can you handle the pressure?

In a nutshell:

  • 15 mins from Prague
  • Tuition
  • Guide
From Only £66.00 per Person
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