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Malta Archery

Ever fancied having a go at being Robin Hood? Thanks to this awesome archery centre on the island of Malta, you now get to be a badass in the sunshine rather than a rainy wood in Blighty!

Archery used to be fun but limited. Shoot a couple of arrows into a target and you'd pretty much nailed it. Not anymore! Now, you get to augment your bullseye shooting with some insane stag hunting, using real bows and safety arrows...

That's right, chaps - in keeping with its budding reputation as the place to go for an adrenaline-soaked stag party, Malta's gone crazy for actual people hunting! You'll feel like a cross between Arnie in The Running Man and that dude from The Hunger Games, when you unleash safety darts from your hunting bow at the fleeing figure of your best mate...

We've never done a stag hunt with arrows before, but we'll definitely be doing it again! Round up the boys, give the groom a headstart and set off after him with deadly weapons and smartphones. Absolutely awesome, this archery afternoon is guaranteed to get even the hardest-to-please chap up on his feet and cheering!

In a nutshell:

  • Mad stag party archery afternoon
  • Hunt the stag with safety arrows
  • Equipment and coaching
  • One hour
From Only £53.00 per Person
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Packages That Include This Activity

Malta Stag Party Packages - Golden Bullseye
On Target
Whats Included...
  • Archery
  • Airport Transfers
  • 2 Nights Accommodation
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From £268.00 Per Person
we are good to go, visit England
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