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Escape Room Activities for Stag Weekends

Escape Rooms

Ever fancied having a crack at some proper Mission Impossible-style code-cracking? Bring your A game and your nerves of steel, chaps. The Breakout rooms are waiting...

Massively popular, utterly immersive and completely nail-biting, Hangovers will be forgotten as your group pulls together to unearth clues, solve puzzles and escape from locked rooms to a panic-inducing time limit!

You've got several fear-filled scenarios to choose from. Throw yourself into the final stage of a secret agent examination, and handle hi tech gadgetry as you try to extricate your team from the room. Interview a terrifying criminal in a maximum security loony bin. Stop a missile strike. Combat the release of a deadly virus. The choice is yours...

Perfect for stag parties large and small, escape rooms are unique in that you can play teams off against each other. If you've got a big bunch of fellers to entertain, pick the head to head option and break out of identical rooms in a race not just against the clock, but against your compadres.

With the clock ticking and the atmosphere getting more intense with every passing second, your stag party needs to work as a unit to get out. If you've always wondered what it would feel like to be in a real life action movie, this is your chance to find out!

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