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Cambridge Escape Rooms

Entertain the lads big-style on a Cambridge stag do...

Making sure all the lads in a stag party have a good time can be a tough one to take on. We've got just the thing that'll bring everyone together form the petrolheads to the speed demons, adrenaline junkies and creative types: the Cambridge Escape Rooms. Never heard of an escape room before? Lads, once you've done one of these you'll want to try all the different themes. It's madness and you're going to love it.

What's best about doing escape rooms on your stag weekend is that no matter what your skill set, physical fitness or age, you can take part. You don't need any sort of experience, just go in open-minded and ready to be a team player. In order to complete the task ahead of you, you're going to need the whole group. It can't be completed by one man on his own.

Will your stag party escape in Cambridge?

When you arrive, your stag party will be welcomed by a fun-loving staff who will take you through a safety briefing and let you know what to expect from the room you've chosen. There are several themes to choose from, so will you venture into Heaven & Hell, diffuse a bomb or go for the spooky room to get your adrenaline pumping?

Once you walk inside, the door clicks shut behind you and the timer begins its countdown. You'll have one hour to crack the code, find the clues and solve all the puzzles. Work together and you just might beat the clock and become Kings of the Escape Room, or you may be locked in for good...

In a nutshell:

  • Cambridge Escape Rooms
  • Secret, city centre venue
  • 6 to a room, more rooms for larger parties
  • Several themes to choose from
  • Solve puzzles, crack codes & find clues
  • Work together
  • 1 hour to escape
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