Warsaw Escape Rooms

Fancy yourself as international men of mystery? Reckon you've got a cool head under pressure? Warsaw's toughest escape rooms are waiting to throw down an epic challenge. Split the stag party up into teams, lock yourselves in, and prepare to find out who's really got what it takes to survive an extreme situation!

With three themed rooms to play, this awesome stag party activity can support up to 15 players at any one time. Go head to head to see who's got the skills to crack codes, follow clues and beat puzzles. You have just one hour to solve the mystery and find your way out of your chosen room!

Atmospheric and challenging, these escape rooms are the perfect centrepiece for the daytime bit of your stag party in Warsaw. They combine adrenaline, smarts, and total escapism in equal measure. Let the illusion of the rooms transport you to the set of your own personal movie. Will you break your team out before the lock seals you in forever?

The secret to a great afternoon activity is how quickly it makes you forget about your hangover! Warsaw's legendary escape rooms will have you scratching your heads and pitting your wits against puzzles so fiendish, you won't even remember you went out drinking last night. The only thing you'll have on your mind is the ticking of the clock, as it inexorably counts out the seconds until the room wins...

In a nutshell:

  • Stag party escape room activity in Warsaw
  • 1 hour
  • 3 themed rooms
  • Immersive sets including gadgets and sound effects
  • Local guide
  • Maximum 15 people
  • 5 people per room
From Only £30.00 per Person
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