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Sofia Escape Rooms

We need to find our way out of here!

If you weren't already aware, escape rooms is one of the biggest crazes across Europe at the moment, therefore Sofia escape rooms are a must on your stag weekend! Your stag part will be put into a real life escape situation and you have to race against time to solve puzzles and ultimately escape the room!

There's a number of scenarios to choose from (some scarier than others), so pick which one your group fancies having a crack at and see if you can prevail. Got a hangover from the night before? You will soon be rid of that when you start unravelling the mysteries.

Not everyone escapes.

Once you have selected the challenge you want to take on, an instructor will show your investigation team to the scenario and set the scene for you. Once they have finished with the room briefing, it's down to you to pull together and begin solving.

Teamwork is vital, but you're all mates aren't you? There's no time to be falling out over what to do - remember you only have an hour!

Some get out and some don't make it, but it's a great way to get the pulses racing on a unique stag do activity and you'll have plenty discuss over a pint later on!

In a nutshell:

  • Sofia escape rooms
  • One hour escape room rental
  • Instructor
From Only £33.00 per Person
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