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Red and blue padlocks

Prague Escape Rooms

Prague Escape Rooms have you got what it takes to escape this fiendish game? Escape rooms are all the rage, and in Europe they tend to pull no punches. Prague plays host to one of the finest. Get your stag party together, and get ready to race against tough challenges, big scares, and the ticking clock...

Trying to beat the room takes brains, brawn and guts. You'll have to solve riddles, unscramble clues and locate hidden locks to work your way out. And with a time limit running down against you, the closer you get the more stressful it becomes!

Will you solve the mystery left by a legendary alchemist, and uncover the secret of turning base metals into gold? Or will you take up the challenge of stealing vital plans from a heavily locked room?

These escape rooms will test your stag party to the limits - mentally, physically and as a team. If you can't pull together to solve the clues, you'll have to join the long list of adventurers who have tried and failed to win through to the end.

The secret is to know your weaknesses, and play to your strengths. Listen to the group's natural code-crackers when you're confronted with a notebook full of apparently meaningless gibberish. Defer to the practical chaps if you uncover the broken pieces of a machine. It's only by knowing whose skills lie where that you'll make it out in one piece...

In a nutshell:

  • Return transfers
  • Guide
  • 1 hour to escape
  • Choice of rooms (depending on availability)
From Only £55.00 per Person
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